As part of the holistic development model, the school has full time physical education teachers to supervise various games within the premises. There is a training facility for martial arts. There are facilities for TT and badminton, squash, billiards, a chess room, power yoga room and well stocked gymnasium. There is a dance and music studio. The school encourages students to participate in various competitions which include debates, recitations, essay writing, art and craft, fancy dress, painting, public speaking, Life drama performance, and music and dancing. Festival days are celebrated with great fervor by the school. Community Outreach Programs, PTA, a Student's Council and regular outdoor visits are an integral part of our program.

NGIS believes in developing debating skills in our students through leadership programs like JAC, YLC, MUN and FAL.These programs will allow students to become part of global learning ,triggering sensitivity towards economical and social issues of our World. Moreover our Students'Council along with PTA cooperation will open many opportunities for regular outdoor visits as an integral part of personality development.

We support the development of healthy minds and bodies and educate students about the importance of balance for overall wellbeing. Students begin their physical education career by building movement skills, body awareness, and essential gross motor skills while also learning healthy eating habits and understanding foundational principles of yoga. As students develop, athletic choice commitment, competition, and teamwork are the core values that drive the athletic programs. Participation in sports is an important element of educational excellence at New Generation International School.

Modern life demands that students not only understand and appreciate their role in the local culture but in the broader global community as well. Throughout their careers at our school, students are supported to consider multiple viewpoints and perspectives and to learn widely about the world around them. With this knowledge comes the responsibility to actively contribute to one's immediate and broader community. Students from the New Generation International School pursue opportunities to enhance the lives of others and to support the health and well-being of our planet. We teach our students not only about their community, but also about the universal commonalities that connect us all to one another. Students learn to listen carefully to others, to help one another, to share what they have learned, to coach one another, to participate in group discussions, to hone their individual skills and develop areas of expertise. We believe that developing understanding and compassion for different languages, cultures and perspectives, and empathy for the needs of others is essential to the moral development of a child and the creation of responsible global citizens.

At the same time NGIS students should understand and appreciate the National Heritage of Bahrain culture. Our school targets impacting the community with informations about the history of Bahrain and the current role of the country in stimulating international stability. Patriotic and dedicated students will proudly enhance future leaders in various economical fields,directing country towards further development. Events like National Day of Bahrain ,Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) Birthday, FAL (Future Arab Leaders) will be smoothly included in our multicultural approach.

The individualized and distinctive academic content and innovations enable all round accelerated development of students of preschool and all other age groups, preparing them to fructify into competent and confident entrants into higher education, and become global citizens with understanding, compassion and acceptance of the differences in the world, to make informed choices, and contribute significantly to the community.