The aim is to provide all round education, with moral, academic, physical, social and cultural attributes, to nurture leaders of the future. We set unparalleled standards of excellence within the learning environment by providing challenging opportunities for our students. Each student will be enabled to experience tremendous intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional growth.


Every child is born with latent and deep potential. The school aims to bring out these dormant qualities and manifest them gradually through holistic development, respecting each child's individual proclivities. Character development as simultaneous with the learning process is essential for facing their future lives with relevant focus, through advancement of their physical and intellectual capabilities. This is possible by providing a safe, stimulating and supportive environment, developing sporting, cultural and social skills, intercultural appreciation, and providing a proper balance between the home and school.


The school enables children to become familiar with latest technological aids, communication tools and learning experience, which will empower them to become contented, confident and competent to live in tomorrow's multi cultural and integrated societies. We empower our students to be problem solvers and lifelong learners. Our community accepts, embraces and celebrates cultural diversity, while promoting the values of respect, honesty, compassion and kindness. We appreciate ourselves and others as individuals with rights and responsibilities, acting as conscientious global citizens. We believe that life is process of continuous learning. We challenge students to explore and question, seek solution, make informed decisions, solve problems, demonstrate tenacity and express themselves confidently. We empower students to assume responsibility for their learning process and be recognized as independent leaders.


The system is coeducational, with dormitories for boys and girls. Classes are held jointly. Inter house and inter competitions are designed to enhance and empower students to realized their full potential and to imbibe the lessons of healthy competition. The curricula are based totally on British system. Besides regular academics, importance is also given to music, dancing, sports and physical activities, and the performing arts, to carter for holistic development of the child. Though the medium of instruction is English, the school also offers teaching of Arabic, French, German, as well as Islamic culture.